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Nintendo Switch: Ready to role with DC Universe Online

DC Universe Online Cash Popular DC Universe Online(DCUO) the free-to-play multiplayer online (MMO) Super Hero game is available now on Nintendo Switch.

DC Universe Online was first released on January 11 2011 for PlayStation 3 and PC. Players dive into a universe where a future Lex Luthor informs the present-day heroes about an imminent attack from Brainiac. Luthor then releases special futuristic technology called Exobytes across the Earth. Each Exobyte contains the data of a metahuman who succumbed to Brainiac in the future and endows its recipient with powers and abilities as a result. Luthor implores Superman Batman and Wonder Woman to find these new warriors and train them to be ready to fight against the invaders. Meanwhile villains such as the present-day Lex Luthor Joker and Circe are also gathering these new metahumans to create their own armies for various purposes.

Players will be able to involve themselves in the huge scale of DC Universe Online. With more than 30 spectacular episodes this game will surely make for a larger than life experience. You can be a part of big open worlds such as Gotham City and Metropolis or beneath the sea in Atlantis. The membership of Nintendo Switch Online is not a restriction to play.

DC Universe Online is available for PlayStation 4 Xbox One PC and now the Nintendo Switch. The title is free-to-play even if you do not have a Nintendo Switch Online subscription. As of this writing the Switch version does not support cross-play with buy DC Universe Online Cashany other platforms. While the game requires 24.2 GB of memory and SD card to play fans will love the expansive open-world adventure that Daybreak Games has created.

Two new episodes based on DC’s Dark Nights: Metal comic book series will be released by DCUO. They are called the Metal – Part I and Metal Part II. The first part will release in September 2019 and the finale will be released on December 2019.

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